Calefacción para el hogar
Calefacción para el hogar


We are members of the Association of Chimney Sweepers of Spain, ASDE with RITE Professional Card (Installer/Maintenance of Thermal Installations in Buildings)

In Spain, the "Regulation of Technical Installations in Buildings (RITE/2007)" in IT 3.3 "Preventive maintenance program" indicates the need to "check and clean, if applicable, the boiler smoke circuit and smoke ducts and chimneys in biomass boilers” once a year in those less than 70kW (that includes all Domestic) and once a month in those greater than 70kW. (Neighborhood and Industrial communities)

What is soot and why it is important to sweep.
Soot can be defined as solid particles of small size, the vast majority composed of impure carbon, often pulverized, and usually has dark or black color due to the incomplete combustion of a fuel such as wood or pellets, etc. .
The appearance of the soot is similar to ash but in a more intense and black color.
It is a highly combustible substance, hence the importance of sweeping, performing a proper maintenance and annual cleaning.
During the combustion a fire with little oxygen or with moist wood generates more amount of smoke, so it contains more burnt particles that together with the water vapor that generates the wood, will form the creosote or tar, being much more flammable than the soot, these solids quickly accumulate in the flue, in many cases the appearance is bright and sticky.
A dirty flue is one of the main causes of fire in homes due to the high temperatures that occur after accumulation and subsequent combustion. A duct with soot, creosote or tar will burn when it reaches a high temperature, so that the flames will be born throughout its length, reaching temperatures for which neither the ducts nor their insulators are prepared for it. Causing a more than likely risk of fire.
A dirty and maintenance-free flue pipe facilitates the smoke plasters into the interior of the house. Even reaching a plug, which will make it impossible to use the appliance either stove or fireplace.
It is also very important to sweep as soot decreases the performance of heating equipment increasing consumption and pollution. Always remember the need for cleanliness to avoid major risks.
Remember in a clean fireplace you will avoid ........

- FIRES: a dirty chimney accumulates tars and soot, which are highly flammable, if they stick fire they can spread it to the rest of the house. The coverage of your Home insurance is canceled.

-INTOXICACIONES: the accumulation of soot reduces the output of smoke and can hinder its proper evacuation, in some cases, to create poisoning.
- LOW PERFORMANCE: for every millimeter of soot reduces the performance of the chimney between 7 and 8%, being this less efficient.
-CORROSION: the clean metal conduit prevents the soot from being in contact and ends up oxidizing.
-CONTAMINATION: a clean duct makes the combustion of the chimney more complete, reducing emissions to the atmosphere and reducing fuel consumption.

It is recommended to burn hard woods of slow combustion (Oak, Ash, Oak are the most recommended) and not resin woods that adhere to the walls of the pipes and in the ducts (Pine and Firs are more resinous and generate much more dirt and soot) damaging the performance of the device, can drive fumes into the interior of the house and favor fire in flues and flues.





It is advisable to clean the chimney once a year, if you use very dry wood you can extend it to two.

In the pellet appliances when indicated by the machine itself, but if you notice any change in operation it is better to check it even if it does not touch the maintenance.

The cleaning or sweep, try to brush the inside of the chimney to dislodge the deposited material. For this we use urchins (metal brushes of different diameters and hardness depending on the type of fireplace and soot) covering everything well so as not to stain.

It is usually dehulled depending on how you use your fireplace and how you use it. A fire with little oxygen or with moist wood produces more smoke containing particles with more solids in burned. This waste accumulates quickly in your chimney and you will need to clean it more frequently.

If you use it with live fire that totally burns wood at a higher temperature and with slightly resinous woods and completely dry, cleaning may be less frequent.

We use a camera before and after cleaning to check for any installation or deterioration problems.


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Con la calefacción por biomasa y geotermia podrá ahorrar hasta un 70% en su consumo, a la vez que reduce totalmente las emisiones contaminantes de su instalación.


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