Calefacción para el hogar
Calefacción para el hogar

Our Brands

After 25 years in the world of fireplaces, we can tell that we have many of the industry's most important distributions, as: HERGÓM, EDILKAMIN, ECOFOREST, BRONPI, LASIAN, TNC, AMBIFUEGO, SIMPEX, FRANCO-BELGA, DEVILLE, DINAK, FERLUX, CARSÁN, etc.

Hergóm is the biggest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in Spain. In Hergóm we think cast iron is the ideal material for the manufacture of wood-burning heating products, because of its durability, robustness and high heat transfer capacity.

Currently, Ecoforest is the leader company in this industry, with the widest range of air, water and connectable stoves, and presence in 14 countries. Its R&D department continues innovating every day, in order to develop more advanced and efficient products.


Edilkamin pellet stoves are made using highly advanced technology to get an ecologic heating and energetic savings. The pellet stove could be installed easily in houses or apartments in the city, using small sized tubes.


Pellet stoves represent one of the most innovative and advantageous systems for domestic heating.
On the one hand they are practical and easy to use: they have completely automatic and electronicallymanaged function, and can also be remote-controlled. Above all, using these systems really keeps heating costs down compared with traditional fossil fuels, which translates into saving.

Pellets : a choice to live better

The advantage of biomass heating comes from the fact that pellet and wood fuels are considerably more economical than oil and methane gas in terms of the same heat produced.

Get to know our installations in Lucena, Córdoba throughout our website, where we will show you our products manufacturing process, as well as the work made by the R&D department to improve every day both the product and the production.

Carsan is a young and dynamic company, pioneers in the sector of biomass. Our goal is to give the customer the best quality service, while respecting the environment.

Carsan Biocombustibles has spread all over the national territory a number of dealers, in order to give the customers a complete service, and thus to give the solution according to the customer's needs. This way, Carsan covers new installations as well as Official Service.

In Fugar we develop custom and exclusive projects, to adapt them into every customer needs. We get maximum functionality without giving up the desired aesthetics. We design for every space, style and budget, from the more rustic and classic, to the more minimalist and emblematic designs of interior architecture. A big range of solutions for home fire.


Our fireplaces are manufactured in Europe according to the most rigorous quality controls to offer the customers a product in perfect functionality and aesthetic conditions. In recent years we have incorporated new products into our range, all of them distributed by over 250 professionals all around Spain..

LASIAN with constant technological evolution and excellent team, focuses its activity in the production of boilers and other heating components for domestic and industrial use, having as objective customers satisfaction with the highest quality and respect for the environment.

Leader in the distribution of electric fireplaces, stoves and wide variety of products. With over 30 years of experience, we are the specialists in Spain and Portugal of electric fireplaces. We offer the widest and most diverse range in finishes and designs by the best manufacturers in the U.K. -Burley and Be Modern-.

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Con la calefacción por biomasa y geotermia podrá ahorrar hasta un 70% en su consumo, a la vez que reduce totalmente las emisiones contaminantes de su instalación.


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